Fail, fail again

"Remind me again why I care about this person's blog? Boring. What are all these creatives, narcissists?"

Not me. In fact, lets start with a few failures to keep the humble levels high:

  • Once I designed a gold foil logo without contacting the print press first. Some of the logo was under the minimum point requirements and we couldn't gold foil print. New mantra: Always contact printer prior to designing.
  • At my old job, I didn't take the initiative to create a timeline for a project. I thought I was running smoothly, my boss thought I was running behind. It didn't go down well. New mantra: Always establish a mutual timeline.
  • In a couple early pro-bono projects, I didn't meet with the client to create a design brief. I spent a lot of time making deliverables the client didn't want. New mantra: Create for the client, not for yourself. 
  • Once I didn't ask a filetype by name, and subsequently agreed to contacting numerous entities for the correct filetype. Double whammy. New mantras: communicate clear client expectations and define the scope of the project.

With every failure comes opportunity and a new set of lessons and considerations to grow upon. You can either place blame in others and be a passive maker-of-mistakes, or you can recognize your role, face it with positivity and learn from it.