Post-Election Design

I was feeling a bit lost as a designer post-election until I came across an article on Fast Co., What Designers Should Do Now. Here's my number one takeaway:

"We need to remember to welcome people inside, so they can receive the message. It’s time to double down on inclusion in design, even if it means reaching across that uncomfortable divide."

So uncomfortable! An attempt to bridge the gap could be an internet troll's paradise. But, as the article pointed out, gathering evidence and understanding the other side is what designers do best.

From my research, I learned there were a lot of people out there who struggled to vote for Trump because his values didn't completely align with theirs. Some are shouting "I support Muslims!" while others proclaim "I believe in women's reproductive rights!"

Supporting agendas that go directly against Trump's ideals seems to be a uniting theme, so I ran with it.

I paired the photo with a variation of this caption depending on the arena:

We need to stop thinking about the divide of Trump vs. Clinton and start thinking about places we can find common ground.

One way we can all step up? Donate at"

If I were to run this again, I would include "-- Anonymous" on the illustration. Regrettably, I believe I lost viewership because people automatically assumed I support Trump and immediately wrote me off.

It took a toll on me to make this. I'm still battling with whether it was a good call or not. All I can hope for is a donation or two.

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