Illustration Exploration III

My main goal after Illustration Exploration II was to create custom-made textures and apply them to an illustration. I also decided to explore a more realistic body shape while eliminating defining features.

Whenever I'm working through a new technique or style, I look to other designers not only for inspiration, but to learn more about their creative process. This time around, I took inspiration from the work of Kaye Blegvad, and process information from a Skillshare class by Matt Kaufenberg (s/o to my fellow Minnesotan).

I love the authenticity and casual quality of Kaye's line and texture. She also draws more lifelike body shapes, which I've been drawn to lately (hey, a pun). Matt works with this really cool combo of texture and shadow that makes his colors almost look like layered paper cut-outs. You can see where I explored that same style here, especially on the head.

Here are my upcoming illustrative goals:

  • Continue working with a more realistic body form
  • Experiment with outlines
  • Experiment with different fill textures
  • Work with a limited color palette