Illustration Exploration IV

My most recent binge of The Young Pope conveniently collided with a Skillshare lesson: "Illustration in Photoshop: Professional Work From Your Sketches" by Anne Bollman. If you've seen The Young Pope, you probably remember the regally gaudy scene where Jude Law addresses the cardinals. Of course I had to incorporate that into my illustration exploration series, because design is a passion and a prison (just kidding).

process images:

color variation, final illustration

Next up in character illustration: faces. Can't live without 'em. This is a particular challenge to me because I'm trained in graphite realism, so simplified lines and features go against all my deepest beliefs. 

I also have a few bullet points from previous Illustration Exploration posts that I want to continue working on. Here's the list:

  • Put a face on it! (Portlandia Season 1)
  • Continue working with a more realistic body form
  • Use outlines, but give them color and try overlapping fill color/texture and outlines
  • Make & use more custom textures
  • Work with a limited color palette