Grouping contents in After Effects to organize write-on effect

I don't work on After Effects too often, so every time I do I forget how to group contents. Grouping is a good way to keep everything organized, especially when it comes to write-ons. Instead of doing a mad search every time I'm on Ae, I thought I'd post.

  • Build out your paths for write-on technique in separate shape layers
  • Bottom layer is your content that'll be masked (probably Ai or Ps file). Set the track matte to the shape layer that you'll throw all the paths in.
  • Add groups to your shape layer under "Shape 1" dropdown. Add > Group (empty)
  • Rename your new group to reflect the path. In my case, my path is a mask for the letter "D"
  • Move the Path and Transform layer to the new group.
  • Add and tweak trim paths.