Lloyd’s Batch

Brief: Create package design that could stand apart from local competitors on the shelf at a farmer’s market.


Client: Lloyd’s Batch
Role: Graphic Design, Art Direction
Year: 2019

Review of competition

During the discovery process, I reviewed dozens of small batch Wisconsin and Minnesota Maple Syrup labels. It didn’t take much searching to make a conclusion. Virtually all of the competition relied heavily on maple leaf and tree symbols. Competitors lack the story to sets them apart.

the story

Lloyd runs a small batch sugar bush off Wisconsin’s own Spring Lake. Winter sun-up to spring sun-down, Lloyd dutifully carries loaded milk jugs, carefully skims the sweet-smelling boil and personally bottles earth’s elixir. The maple trees on Lloyd’s land form a tight-knit sugar bush, connecting the lake’s open water to hidden paths trailing the back wood. At the fulcrum is one tree to beget them all: the Mother Tree. Even in his tenderest moments, Lloyd himself couldn’t wrap his arms around her girthy trunk. She symbolizes lake to land, water to wood. From her, maple is born.


Bold red text makes a big impression. Put this bottle on a shelf with the competitors, and there’s no denying which design stands out. The black descriptor text was carefully chosen to match the DNR Spring Lake Survey Map. 

The Mother Tree is the physical symbol of lake to land, water to wood. This is the story that sets Lloyd’s Batch apart. She is represented in the subtle fluidity of the background. In reality, it’s a depth map of Spring Lake. In repeated form, the lake transforms to the wood grain of the maple tree.