Be playful, fit the creative brief.

My motto is to produce design that fits, but that doesn’t mean I’m an in-the-box thinker. I’m a strategic thinker. I use the creative brief as a springboard for bold play, and everything I make traces back to solving the client’s business problem.

Since 2015, I’ve worked with energetic teams to elevate a start-up, start-up a merchandise collection and collect random skills of my own (I once worked with a 3D modeler to build a spaceship in Cinema 4D). When my clients refer me, they say I’m devoted to detail, eager to collaborate and an avid boundary-pusher.

Name: Beth Kuchera
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Specialties: Digital, print, logo and branding, image compositing, illustration and hand lettering, advertising
Unicorn traits: I have a working knowledge of HTML/CSS for email, copywriting and motion graphics

my work style

  • I welcome feedback and criticism as the path to problem-solving.

  • I defend design in order to promote decisions that fit the creative brief.

  • I can take direction and design around the creative vision of others.

  • I can fill multiple roles to alleviate shifting workloads.

  • I manage and prioritize multiple projects and deadlines at once.

  • I'm a clear communicator of deadlines and creative direction.

  • Sometimes I think I'm funny.